Backstory / 'Limit Theory'

The people of the Ancient Colony believed that all limits - physical, technological, even cosmological - could be overcome with the mind. 'You are your only limitation,' they said. It was unrealistic, and perhaps even childish... but it worked. This so-called 'limit theory' thrived in the minds of the people. Idealism drove overwhelming progress. Far-fetched aspirations became concrete realities. Wide-eyed dreams fueled breakthroughs in all fields. Limit theory prevailed, and it took civilization from the surface of one planet to the farthest corners of the universe.

You are part of this great lineage of idealists. You, like your ancestors, are free of limitation. You, like your ancestors, see exploitable potential in everything around you. You, like your ancestors, are a limit theorist, and you will carve your own story in this radiant universe.

Gameplay features

›› Infinite, open world

Each universe generated by the Limit Theory Engine has an infinite number of star systems to explore. As far as your journeys take you, you will never encounter the edge of space. Truly, you can never exhaust the possibilities of this universe.

›› All things procedural

All of the content that populates each universe is generated by the computer, using a technique known as procedural content generation. This means that next time you start a game, not only will the universe be different - but all things therein as well, including factions, goods, weapons, ships, mission opportunities, stations, planets, AI pilots, and more. Each universe is a totally unique experience without end.

›› Large-scale combat

Encounter epic battles between massive fleets with hundreds of ships. Take sides and join the fight, or earn enough wealth to purchase and command your own fleet to crush your adversaries.

›› Dynamic economy

You won't find fixed prices here. The Limit Theory economy is dynamically driven by supply and demand. Moreover, events that occur in the universe - raids, blockades, factional takeovers, and so on - may change the entire dynamic of a region's economy. Your actions are no exception. As you become more influential, you may find your operations to have a significant impact on the surrounding systems.

›› Immersive mining

Actively search for ore in asteroid fields, then physically extract it using mining drones and specialized mining beams. While scanning may be necessary to ascertain the exact contents of an asteroid, ore-rich asteroids can be spotted visually from afar.

›› Planetary interaction

Land on planets and visit distinct locations. Look for the best deals or interesting jobs at trade hubs, or visit factories, ship dealers, faction headquarters, mines, and more. With the right connections, you may even become privy to secret, less-than-legal locations on planets. The planetary interaction system makes each planet a small adventure in and of itself.

›› Living universe

You aren't the center of the Limit Theory universe. AI players live their lives as well, and throughout your journey in the universe you will see factions fall, planets overrun, wars waged, treaties signed, and so on. Inevitably, you will cross paths many times with the NPCs trying to forge a life in the universe - for better or for worse.

›› Ownable fleets, stations, and planetary buildings

Not only can you purchase more than one ship, but you can also expand your operations to include any number of custom space stations, as well as buildings on planet surfaces. The game isn't over just because you've acquired the best ship and weapons...far from it.