Limit Theory Prototype

Version 1.0 -> 1.1 Patch

NOTE : NOT compatible with save games from 1.0! Also be aware that this is not the full prototype download OR the final game. Limit Theory is still in development, and the (outdated) prototype is only available to the original Kickstarter backers that pledged at the $75 level or higher.
  • New option to decouple the camera viewing angle from the ship's rotation, allowing for greater combat proficiency (especially with big ships!); bound to Z key by default
  • Vertical sync is now available in the launch options, and is turned on by default; should fix GPU heat issues
  • Docking AI has been significantly improved - no more suicidal dockers
  • Ally and enemy target colors are now configurable for colorblind-friendliness
  • UI smooth resizing has been disabled, leading to a faster and more responsive UI
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