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Here you'll find all the latest news for Limit Theory. Check below for a log of major development updates.

Sep 28 2018 ~ The End

It is with a heart of lead that I write this announcement. Not in my darkest nightmares did I expect this day to ever come, but circumstances have reached a point that even my endless optimism can no longer rectify. I cannot finish Limit Theory.

After six years, I am finally at the end of my means. Financially, I am beyond the initial investment and have exhausted most of my personal savings. But significantly more troubling is that I am entirely out of energy -- emotionally, mentally, even physically. Every year that passes sees me becoming more desperate to make good on the dream with which you all entrusted me, but each such year I grow less and less capable of doing so as my mindset falls further away from that bright, beautiful hope that powered me from the beginning. I am not what I once was.

Continued in the Kickstarter update

Jan 18 2018 ~ LT at PAX South

Limit Theory came to PAX South last week! Josh, Adam, and Lindsey were all there to greet and show everyone our PAX LT Combat Demo. Players were able to fly around a small planetary system and asteroid field and fight a decent number of opponents - with a decent number of allies as well. Players were also able to redesign their ships and spawn new ships as they pleased. A lot of people tried to break it, but it didn't slow down until it was simulating over 2000 ships, plus projectiles and full AI! Our engine work has really paid off! If you want to hear more, you can check out our official announcement (with video) on the forum. Stay tuned for more updates! The content implementation system is next, and after that it's pure gameplay!

Dec 20 2017 ~ LT Coming to PAX South

Limit Theory will be coming to PAX South in mid-January of 2018! PAX South is held in Antonio, Texas, and we'll be there for Friday and Saturday with a brand new LT demo! We'll be spending the next few weeks getting this demo ready and polishing it up. The cost is $40 for a one-day pass. Look for us at the Louisiana Tech Park (LTP) booth, under the big "Limit Theory" sign. For more information, you can check out our official announcement on the forums. We hope to see you there!

Nov 13 2017 ~ New Team Member

We've been making leaps and bounds with the new team. Working together, our team has managed to kick out an absurd amount of progress in a short amount of time! Things are only going to get better from here. We welcome Lindsey to the team - a programmer/artist with an extensive amount of experience (including work with AAA companies)! She'll be starting her work off by finally getting rid of all our old "blocky" ships that we heard so many complaints about, replacing them with something much smoother and shinier. If you'd like to know more, Lindsey will be making regular progress reports on the forums, including frequent pictures!

July 24 2017 ~ Two New Programmers

In the past couple of months, we've made the biggest change in LT development since the very beginning: the team of LT programmers has tripled in size! We used to think it was impossible that we would find other developers that were both capable of contributing and willing to work with a "doing it for the love of LT" budget, but we were wrong. Welcome to Adam and Sean! We also have a clear roadmap and know exactly where we're headed, so Beta will be out sooner than ever! If you'd like to know more, here's a Kickstarter post with more details.

May 29 2017 ~ Feature List

Hello again! We've been working to show, not just progress reports, but a detailed roadmap showing exactly what we have left to do before the release of Limit Theory 1.0! This will help ensure we won't fall victim to the wiles of feature creep, so we can get the game into your hands as fast as possible. At the same time, it will give you a better idea of what to expect from LT! Click here to learn more about what we have in store.

May 5 2017 ~ Website Overhaul

If you're reading this, you already know that we've updated the website. Hopefully this new appearance looks more modern (and more beautiful, too!) We plan to update it again prior to final release, including prettier, more recent images. If you have any problems with the site format, try refreshing with ctrl+f5 or shift+f5, depending on the browser. If it still looks strange on your computer, message us on the forums (or make a new thread) with a description of the problem, and we'll try to get it fixed!

Mar 27 2017 ~ Dev Updates & Incoming Website Overhaul

Despite the fact that LT remains in full development swing, I (Josh) just haven't had time to update the website lately. I'm currently in the middle of overhauling it, as everything is quite out of date. Until then, please check the forums, my pseudo-weekly dev logs, the KS updates, or my twitter account for the latest in LT development news (and pretty screenshots!) With any luck I'll have a new, up-to-date site online soon!

Feb 28 2017 ~ The State of Limit Theory Development

LT development is still going in full swing, even though we disappeared for a while. To make a long story short, we hit some major roadblocks due to serious performance issues and it took us two years to gather enough knowledge to begin to fix it. However, we've realized that we need to do something new regarding communication going forward, so we've started writing bi-weekly devlog updates in order to keep everyone up-to-speed on development! For the full "Back to the Community" post, check out this link here! We've also appointed Nathan "Talvieno" Weeks as LT's Community Manager; that announcement is viewable here. Expect more interaction with the community as we continue to work toward LT 1.0!

Sep 17 2015 ~ Update on Development and Radio Silence!

With the sudden and abnormal lack of LT updates, a great number of people became worried that development had stopped or was given up on. Thankfully, that's not the case! Unfortunately, however, the developer (Josh) encountered some major personal issues that impeded progress and updates for quite some time. On the bright side, they're now over and full-time LT development has resumed! To read the details of the mysterious LT 'dark days,' have a look at the Kickstarter update (no video for this one!)

Dec 13 2014 ~ Development Update #21

Working, dynamic marketplaces, a peek at the prototype of a scalable (and scenic!) fast-travel system, and AI ships buzzing about, making use of all of the above. Read the Kickstarter update and watch the video!

Oct 6 2014 ~ Development Update #20

Saddle down for the largest LT development update yet! Let's have a look at colony cultures, a new HUD based on the final LT interface tech, and another live coding demonstration of the LTSL toolset being used to build the game! Read the Kickstarter update and watch the video!

Jul 3 2014 ~ Development Update #19: July 2014

Have a look at just how easily Limit Theory can be modded to your liking as we take a first look at the in-game scripting language, and do a bit of real-time procedural generation to boot! Read the Kickstarter update and watch the video!

Jun 2 2014 ~ Development Update #18: June 2014

A new zone system, a first look at planetary colony mechanics, and the first mentions of modding in LT all await in this month's dev update! Read the Kickstarter update and watch the video!

May 3 2014 ~ Development Update #17: May 2014

Watch as new technology comes to life in this month's LT update, wherein we explore the procedural research and production mechanics, and get a first peek at the dynamic, AI-driven mission board! Read the Kickstarter update and watch the video!

Apr 1 2014 ~ Development Update #16: April 2014

Flying a ship is fun, but what about running an empire? This month, for the first time, glimpse the beginnings of high-level management in LT. Bring your briefcase ;) Read the Kickstarter update and watch the video!

Mar 3 2014 ~ Development Update #15: March 2014

The month that the Limit Theory universe came to life. A real, living, breathing economy. See it for yourself! Read the Kickstarter update and watch the video!

Feb 28 2014 ~ Development Update #14: February 2014

Ice, scanning, and even a bit of mining. Sound good? Come have a look at what February has brought to the LT Universe! Read the Kickstarter update and watch the new video!

Jan 31 2014 ~ Development Update #13: January 2014

Welcome to a whole new year of Limit Theory. Let's get it off to a good start with a futuristic new HUD and some shiny new scanning technology! Read the Kickstarter update and watch the new video!

Dec 31 2013 ~ Development Update #12: December 2013

Just in time for the new year, we bring you another slice of graphics, interface, and AI goodness! This time with shinier everything! Read the Kickstarter update, or head over to the video!

Dec 3 2013 ~ Development Update #11: November 2013

Another month, another leap forward into the future of interfaces. Take a peek at what we're cooking up for LT's primary UI :) Read the full update on Kickstarter, or jump straight to the new video.

Oct 31 2013 ~ Development Update #10: October 2013

Let the LT data editor sweep you away into a strange but lovely realm of sci-fi interface design. Go ahead! Read the full update on Kickstarter, or cruise on over to the new video.

Sep 30 2013 ~ Development Update #9: September 2013

September boasts a host of new graphics features as well as the beginnings of a powerful artificial intelligence. The Limit Theory universe is on the brink of coming to life! Read the full update on Kickstarter, or enjoy the new video.

Aug 31 2013 ~ Development Update #8: August 2013

Get ready to lose yourself in the infinite abyss of the new-and-improved asteroid fields. August brings with it a new level of atmospheric space! Read the full update on Kickstarter, or check out the new video.

Jul 31 2013 ~ Development Update #7: July 2013

The first planet surface prototype is unveiled! July's progress brings some refreshing new eye candy to the LT universe. Read the full update on Kickstarter, or head directly over to the new video.

Jun 30 2013 ~ Development Update #6: June 2013

Manufacturing weapons of mass destruction in your own battleship? Things are starting to get pretty dangerous here in LT! Read the full update on Kickstarter, or jump straight to the video.

May 31 2013 ~ Development Update #5: May 2013

May came and went, and with it came a load of shiny new graphics advancements! Read the full update on Kickstarter, or Jump straight to the new video.

Apr 28 2013 ~ Limit Theory Prototype is Released!

The first playable version of Limit Theory Prototype has just been released to Kickstarter backers who backed at $75 or more. Read the full update on Kickstarter, or check out the official LTP tutorial video.

Mar 31 2013 ~ Development Update #3: March 2013

The March update is out! LT is really coming along now, and actually starting to look a bit like a game! Have a look at the new update video.

Feb 28 2013 ~ Development Update #2: February 2013

The February update is out, and the missiles have never been thicker! So head on over to Kickstarter to read about it, or jump straight to the update video!

Jan 31 2013 ~ Development Update #1: January 2013

Full-time Limit Theory development is well underway, and the first of many development updates is out today to prove it! Each month, we'll release a video to showcase and summarize LT's progress over the month. The January update is out, so head on over to Kickstarter to read about it, or jump directly to the update video!

Dec 22 2012 ~ Funding Successful!

As of today, Limit Theory has been successfully funded via Kickstarter! In just over a month, we managed to raise over $188,000 ($187,865 via Kickstarter, roughly $700 via Paypal for those who couldn't use KS), almost four times the goal! Now, Limit Theory becomes a reality. Full-time work has already begun, and will continue full-steam ahead until the game ships. We're looking forward to the year ahead, and, in the mean time, encourage everyone to register and participate in the community (http://forums.LTheory.com) to stay up to date with the development process and discussions concerning the game!

Nov 26 2012 ~ Mission Accomplished!

Wow, what an incredible response we've had to LT. 100% funding in just 6 days? Amazing. Inspiring. Humbling. Looks like people want to play this game, and that's fantastic, because we want to make it! It's going to be a fun year :)

Nov 20 2012 ~ Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

We've officially launched our funding campaign on Kickstarter. After a lot of thought, we've set the budget at $50,000. If we're able to raise that money, Limit Theory will become a permanent reality! Without it, the production of LT will be suspended indefinitely due to financial circumstances. If you're yearning to experience total freedom in a massive, procedural space universe, please help us out! And if not, well, pass the word along to any space-loving friends that you may have :)

Nov 9 2012 ~ Website Launched

Welcome to the Limit Theory website! If you've already found us, then you're ahead of the game. If you like what you see here, stay tuned for our official Kickstarter launch on 11.20.12.